Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Prototyping the pet project ...

Oh well.

The new year started with a blast and the note that it is over already if I look at my table of deadlines and projects that need doing this year. Most of these are (of course) not game related, but that's where the money comes from.

Anyway, after the sudden and unexpected death of MTR (thank you client legal department, go fuck yourself) it's time to wonder off and play with some ideas and see if they can evolve into a game.

I'll start with a map.

Over the next couple of weeks(/days) this 2d map will be converted into a "tile based" 3d map, although a very grey boxed one (fighting my usual urge to make even these pretty from the beginning). I'll have to see what will follow next ...

And now: I need to continue coding for the e-learning web environment Dry Goods is developing ...

-- Oliver

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